It's really exciting to have the opportunity to see your boat built from start to finish.  I have a few photos of the hull and the baitwells.  I took my father down with me this time and he loved the boat.  Rob, the owner is incredible and very helpful.

Old Salt Fishing Foundation
will be Hosting their Fall King of the Beach Tournament November 3-5, 2011.  I've donated a few goodies for the raffle and will be Captain of a 17'7 Pro-lite Center Console.  I love what Old Salt has done in our community and the charities they support.  If you're fishing in the tournament, good luck and tight lines!  If not, come on down and enjoy the food, vendors and entertainment and show your support. 

See you there!

Capt. K
Casting a bait net is an art and having the right chum in the water can be a deciding factor between hauling in a ton of bait or coming up empty-handed. This is Captains K's recipe for fixing up a little something that the whitebait can't resist.
  • Sliced whole wheat bread
  • can of Jack Mackerel Tuna
  • Plain "old fashioned" white oatmeal
  • Fresh saltwater
  • Ziploc baggies

Here's an important part: You want to lay your slices of wheat bread out in the sun until they're nice and crispy.  Make sure to flip them so both sides are done.  Captain K says, don't just put them in the toaster, they need to dry in the sun.  When asked why, "They like it better that way."  And who can argue?

Crumble up the slices of bread and mix with cans of Jack Mackerel Tuna.

The secret: Adding some plain white oatmeal to the mix will create a hazy cloud in the water.   When the bait is thick in the chum they're not going to be spooked when you cast the net.  This avoids the bait swimming out of the way before the net has even hit the water.

Top off your mixture with some salt water until it's the consistency of cat food.  Portion this chum into your Ziploc baggies and you're ready to roll or freeze for later.

Happy Casting!